The Lynx Companies are a portfolio of companies operating in various sectors of the U.S. economy.


The Lynx Companies focus on maximizing earning potential and minimizing risk to our investors. The companies encompass four different sectors of our economy including: Healthcare, Real Estate & Construction, Financial Services, and Technology & Telecommunication. Our team of experts is constantly evaluating different areas to enhance earnings and growth potential.

Real Estate & Construction

With years of experience in Real Estate & Construction we are regarded as leaders in the industry. The companies work together as a team and combine expertise on asset acquisitions and management, construction and rehab, maintenance, property management, and various related services.

Financial Services

By combining various companies to form aggresive and assertive deals we are rapidly growing in the Financial sector. Some of our services include merger and acquisition analysis, leveraged transactions, brokerage services, real estate financing and development, banking, insurance and mortgage services.

Technology & Telecommunication

These companies specialize in different areas including: software development, IT, and Telecommunication, and have given us the opportunity to succeed in this challenging and competitive market. Excellent management and insight are the key.